We are present at every level of the Tasmanian performing arts sector. 

We work with emerging independent artists to increase their skills and sector awareness; we produce the work of these artists and more established artists and companies; we commission new works, we connect artists with national and international presenters; and where appropriate manage the resulting tours.

Senior Producer Annette Downs and Associate Producer Julie Waddington understand the Tasmanian performance sector intimately with a combined 52 years of professional experience in the State. Supported by the Artistic Reference Panel of Jo Duffy (Chair) Natalie DeVito, Kelly Drummond Cawthon, David Malacari and Lee Cumberlidge we constantly scope developments, trends and needs in the sector and stay actively engaged in national networks.

As the recognised go-to organisation for the Tasmanian performing arts, we manage project delivery for other parties e.g. Patricia Piccinini at Dark Mofo 2015, the Blue Cow Theatre devising workshops and the Theatre Council of Tasmania residency with the Elevator Repair Service (New York).  We leverage initiatives that benefit the entire sector, such as the Me My Art and You showcase featuring 19 Tasmanian works at the 2014 APACA Conference.

Tasmania Performs is an initiative of Arts Tasmania, developed in partnership with the Australia Council in 2006 and managed by one of Australia’s leading national producing and touring organisations Performing Lines.


Tasmania Performs works with performing artists at critical points across their careers, providing targeted support and professional opportunities through producing and/or touring work. We are artist and arts focused; we think creatively, act with integrity and work collaboratively.

Tasmania Performs identifies artists and ideas (often at our annual residency) that have strong creative potential to develop.  We  enhance their work and link them to each other and potential markets. We are the “connector” for the sector. By being incredibly quick and responsive we are able to fill critical gaps, help people avoid pitfalls and provide a wide range of immediate and relevant expertise.

Our aim is to take artists beyond what they thought was possible.

Artists wishing to engage with Tasmania Performs should:
– sign up to our Quarterly Update to find out what their colleagues are up to and what opportunities are coming up;
– follow the Tasmania Performs Facebook page for more frequent news.