Expressions of Interest from Tasmanian performing arts practitioners for the annual Artist Residency to be held at Tarraleah from 26-28 October 2018 have closed.

This is an opportunity for Tasmanian artists of all persuasions who are interested in live performance to come together and explore new project ideas. Applications welcome from… 

* People at the start of their artistic practice
* Senior artists with significant experience
* Mid-career artists
* Returning participants from previous residencies exploring new ideas.
* Collaborative teams working together on a single concept and should apply under the name of whomever is the lead artist on the project.
* Applications from diverse artists are strongly encouraged. 

This 3-day, 2-night event provides a supportive, creative environment to test ideas, consider new collaborations and explore cross art form possibilities. 

A range of highly skilled mentors from different arts practices across Australia are provided to inform project development. 

Activities include: Pecha Kucha presentations of participant projects ideras, working with mentors in groups and one-on-one,  optional morning warm ups, informal networking and skill workshops. 

Transport, high quality accommodation and evening meals are provided. 

Note: Whilst the residency is heavily subsidised by Arts Tasmania and supported by Tarraleah, each successful applicant will be required to pay a deposit of $400 to secure their spot of which $310 is fully refundable after attendance at the residency and completion of the debrief survey.  


 Where the residency might take you and your idea 

Many Residency projects have gone on to be showcased through the  RAWspace program in 2015 and 2017.  Several projects from the 2017  Residency were offered a week venue hire inkind at MAC for  self funded creative developments.  In 2019 there will be opportunities for 2018 Residency Projects to have venue space provided for a creative development at MAC or kdcWORKS in South Hobart.

In 2016 Zeb Direen pitched their idea for their first solo show Lipstick.  After the residency Lipstick was selected for the 2017 RAWspace program as part of Ten Days on the Island Festival and Zeb attended the PACT Youth Theatre Queer Development program in Sydney. Tasmania Performs went on to provide development support in 2017 and produced Zeb: A Gender Odyssey in July 2018 at the Backspace Theatre. 

 In 2015 Glenn Murray shared his concept for Babel and found his two collaborators, composer Heath Brown and sound & lighting designer Jason James at the residency. Babel has since been presented in Melbourne to the Major Festivals Initiative, secured seed funding, had a work-in-progress showing during Festival of Voices in 2016, premiered as part of Ten Days in 2017 and will travel to South Africa and Queenstown, Tasmania in 2018 

 At the 2014 Residency, Nathan Maynard, shared a play idea called The Season.  A year later this play took him, for 2 weeks to attend Yellamundie, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Playwriting Festival, where he was provided with a professional cast, director and dramaturg. The Season went on to secure 100K Australia Council Funding and Major Festivals Initiative Funding to premier at the Sydney Festival, Ten Days on an Island and Melbourne Festival in 2017.  In 2018 The Season has an 10 week, 11 venue national tour. 

Past participant testimonials 

I only had a vague idea of a project before the residency. I arrived at Tarraleagh to find a wealth of knowledge and passion from mentors and other participants. I now have the confidence to truly pursue this endeavour, I feel truly supported by everyone involved. Takani Clark 2017

 (The Residency) has given the project a clear pathway forward so that it will progress not just stay as an idea. It helps clarify your focus as an individual artist and what your strengths are. ~Kirsty Grierson 2017 

 (The) creative thinking processing in a group was great and very empowering. I got the courage to move forward with an understanding that there are many ways to make the project work. Instead of going round in circles in my own little thought bubble I expanded my thinking and good ideas were the result. ~ Lucinda Toynbee Wilson 2017

 How refreshing to be surrounded by colleagues all at different stages in their careers as well as their project formations. I didn’t sense any ego or competition between participants or anyone else, and perhaps it was this diversity and the fact that the art itself was never in question, it was taken for granted that everyone there would take what they had grown on the weekend and bring their own practice to the project to the best of their ability. ~ Rachel Myers 2017

 I’ve come away feeling it is absolutely possible to work my ideas into a performance piece, I feel support in pursuing the development of my ideas, the mentors have given me so many ideas, tools, questions to consider.
~ Essie Kruckemyer 2016

 The residency has really impacted our understanding of how we should move forward strategically with our project, introduced us to some wonderful artists in Tasmania and it has given us a network to call on to start making the next stage real.  The mentors were incredibly generous with there time and the advice and questions they offered. Being exposed to the mentors has put us in contact with some really exciting artists to collaborate with as well as reconsidering some of our approaches in constructing the work itself.
~Caitlin Comerford 2016 

 My ideas are usually very scattered so having a weekend to describe my idea to a wider audience and to have assistance in refining and narrowing down what i wanted to do was a really valuable experience. It has especially changed the way I think about approaching new projects and has already started me thinking of next year.  Meeting such a diverse group of experienced mentors has helped me to create and envision works that not only satisfy me as a performer but to also reach an audience, how to experiment outside of the norm and opened a wider world of people to contact for this project and possible future ones.
~Zeb Direen 2016 

 As my art practice evolves my interest in interdisciplinary projects has also, putting me and my practice in front of theatre makers as a potential collaborator and getting advice and direction from informed professionals is invaluable.  The mentors were clear in their suggestions and there was no confusion in terms of the direction I should take with my project. The advice was also consistent from one mentor to the next. The general arts advice was also invaluable.
~Nicole Robson 2016 

 I have been through many different kinds of residency/workshop processes and what I have mostly experienced in these situations is that the project has become muddied and I have felt less connected to it by the end. But with this residency I experienced the opposite – what I experienced was a ever increasing clarity with the project and whenever I felt I was pandering or losing my grip on it there was someone there to remind me of or bring me back to the primal/spiritual/essential reason why I was making the work. At the end of the day all I feel is gratitude.
~ Lucien Simon 2016