In 2016 Tasmania Performs produced Mature Moves, a global three-day event celebrating mature dance, and challenging the conventions of aging through dance. The event introduced MADE, Tasmanian choreographer Emma Porteus and International artist Liz Aggiss to each other’s work and in 2019 Tasmania Performs is supporting them to come together again and create two new works.

Moonah Arts Centre
December 2019

Mature Artists Dance Experience
Established in 2005, MADE creates and produces inspiring dance-theatre performed by people aged 50 years and over. MADE is a not-for-profit organisation operated and managed by unpaid volunteers. MADE partners professional artists with non-professional dancers to create highly aesthetic contemporary dance theatre performances in primarily non-traditional presentation environments. MADE connects to audiences of all ages, communicating the lived experience, reflecting on life and expressing story through dance-theatre.
In 2018 Tasmania Performs produced the international tour of MADE’s The Frock to World Gold Theatre in Saitama Japan.

Liz Aggiss – Choreographer MADE TO LAST
Liz Aggiss is an un-disciplined artist with an un-disciplined body of work. This does not mean she is undisciplined. Au contraire! She is exceptionally disciplined. Dodging categorization and being classified as unclassifiable has been a full-time job. Born on Nanny Goats Common, Dagenham, Essex, a post war baby, where parents were truly in charge and children were seen and not heard, Liz Aggiss never had a clue who she was or what she wanted to do, she just knew she would like to be seen and heard. After cantering into the sunset, as soon as was decently possible, she accidentally stumbled into the arts and started moving in a mysterious manner and shouting rather a lot. Liz Aggiss has been described as: maverick, challenging, anarchic, indomitable, dangerous, uncompromising, subversive, fearless, funny, powerfully disturbing yet vulnerable.

Emma Porteus – Chroeographer HAND MADE
Emma is passionate about community based dance practice. She is excited by the power of non-traditional and experimental dance practices that immerse the viewer in the experience. She has over 13 years’ experience working as a performance maker and producer of dance, community and festival projects throughout Australia and internationally, including with Vrystaat Festival (South Africa), ANTI Festival (Finland), Sydney Festival (NSW) Dancehouse (Vic), Melbourne Fringe Festival (Vic), Next Wave (Vic), Tracks (NT), Tasdance, Stompin’ Youth Dance (Tas), Ten Days, Festival of Voices, Junction and Tasmania Performs (Tas).

MADE image from The Frock by Sandy Sissell

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.